1 August 2022

PCT day 105 - mile 2415 to mile 2443

It was a fairly uneventful day. I went past Lucky's tent in the morning surprised to see it as I thought he would have pushed further with Tank Top and others. He told me later during the day that he took a wrong turn, lost few miles and decided to camp just before a big climb we've been doing in the morning.

It was really hot all day but apparently it's the last day of heatwave and temperatures will be dropping tomorrow, thank God. I've been drinking water like an elephant all day, stopping at nearly every water source available. Speaking of water, we had a big stream crossings today which had to be forded, it reminded me of the ones in Sierra Nevada. It definitely wasn't fun, luckily there was few other people around in case something went wrong.

This section of the trail seems very busy, we are overlapping with Southbound PCT hikers and day/weekend hikers which is quite cool, there's a lot of friendly faces I can say "happy trails" to. I got 22 miles left to Stephens Pass tomorrow from where I need to catch a hitchhike to Skykomish, resupply and hopefully get back on trail straight after. I will start earlier tomorrow and try to be there early afternoon.

PCT day 104 - mile 2394 to mile 2415

We woke up at 7am at George's house in North Bend, had a breakfast said our goodbyes to Fomo and got a lift back to Snoqualmie Pass, Zohan decided to have a zero day as he got a slight shin split.

George dropped us off at Chevron gas station quarter mile from the trail, I had a coffee, everyone bought bits and bobs of resupply they have been missing and we went back on trail. It was ungodly hot today and walking on open ridges wasn't helping at all. I stayed well behind everyone else and didn't make good progress today but it was just enough, on top of the above there was a lot of altitude gaining so I'm happy with where I ended up today.

At one point during the day we've been going on the ridge where military F16's were flying over a long valley and right on top of us Top Gun style, it was pretty impressive! You had to spot them beforehand because when you heard their sound the plane was already gone over the hill. I took a video of it, unfortunately the pilot did not fly directly above me but to the side, it's still visible on the clip.

I've arrived at my destination at 7pm, it looks like we are going through a big southbounders bubble as I'm staying with six other hikers at the tiny campsite next to the river, I've never seen campsite so full other than when we've been walking through first few hundred miles of the desert - good old times. It's fun to see how fresh and lively Sobo's are, they are socializing and enjoying themselves, unlike us tired of life, malnourished and quiet Nobo's, heh.

Tomorrow should be the last day of heatwave, hopefully water situation will remain good, it was ok today thanks to the snowmelt.

Zohan, Cinnamon, Lucky, Tank Top, Chewy and Fomo:

30 July 2022

PCT day 103 - mile 2382 to mile 2394 (Snoqualmie Pass, North Bend, Fomo's leaving do)

["Who let the Dogs out" song playing]
Zohan: Amazing song guys, it was my bar mitzvah song!
Lucky: Was it?
Zohan: No, not really..

As it is the last day for Fomo on the trail we made it a bit special. I woke up at 3:30am and hiked 12 remaining miles to Snoqualmie Pass to be at the trail head when his friend George will arrive and pick us up and take us to his house in North Bend ten miles away.

We arrived just as he was rolling into the parking lot, waited for Tank Top for a while as he was supposed to join us up but he wasn't replying to our messages so we left thinking something must have delayed him and that he will join us later , George took us to his home, we took a shower and put our laundry to wash, then he drove us to Safeway before heading to work. We ate at Taco Time before resupplying and getting an Uber back to his place. After few hours others started to arrive, Chewy, Tank Top and finally Zohan. We watched some random YouTube videos of people hiking PCT this year, then Half in the Bag movie reviews and finally a playlist of cheesy 90s music videoclips starting with "Fomo's song" - Baby got Back. Fomo bought vegan burgers which he and myself prepared on George's barbeque in the back garden, we had few beers and talked about adventures we had on trail and the ones yet to come.

It became an unofficial trail leaving party for Fomo as he decided to finish the trail early to go and support his mother before and after her operation in Vancouver. I'm sure everyone present will miss his quirky personality and positive attitude, he was definitely the community creator and his absence will change the dynamic of those last few hundred miles. But hey, if there's one thing that PCT thought us is not to take anything for granted, weather can change at an instant, there might be some unexpected trail magic around the corner and people come and go as their life takes inevitable turns and twists. I'm glad I got to hike with him and hope his mum's operation will go well.

We are heading back to trail tomorrow morning, spending the night camping in George's back garden, next section of the trail looks pretty challenging, it's a constant rollercoaster of altitude ups and downs pretty much until Canada now. Looks like PCT won't let us go without a challenging finish!

Fomo (in the middle) and Rip, awhile ago in Lassen Volcanic Park:
North Bend: