Kmicic Brewery

This post is to celebrate the newspaper feature of my fellow sesyjni mordercy crew members in local newspaper, take a look if you have a spare second. Well done guys! Interview can be found here.

visited with: Adm, Luks, Moc, Natalia and R2r in May last year.

It was sort of a permission visit, where security guard was guiding us through one partially active building, adopted as a gym by a group of football hooligans. Then he gave us freedom to roam around the rest of the place. This is where we climbed the taller concrete building and managed to take few nice panoramas.

Building itself bears a significant historical value but due to the actions of a current owner who prefers to sell anything of value to gain minor profit, rather than join the Heritage Trail (Szlak Zabytków Techniki) scheme (where the building could become a museum and perhaps recover), this listed building slowly crumbles.

Brewery was founded in 1840 by the German colonist Lamprecht. In 1899 it got purchased by the industrialist from Warsaw Karol Szwede, at this point building got expanded with a new ramp and a malt house, 40 people has been employed by the company during this time. In May 1920 brewery became a joint stock company with 700 employees and further redevelopments ahead. During and after the World War building was changing it's owners and names several times, but no one managed to restore it to a former working condition. In 1970s first beer labelled Kmicic has been produced, twenty years later Bohun came to existence. In 2003 building got listed with an attempt to become a museum, production stopped in 2004.

Thanks for watching.