7 January 2014

Car Graveyard

Decaying plot of land in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in nearby Warsaw. It's one of the biggest old vehicle graveyards in Europe, currently after an Idiot Box feature very run down and vandalized.

visited with: Adm Kuz and Ł. Hachuła

History: Cars belonged to Tadeusz Tabencki who was a high rank Ministry of Transport official and an officer of Ministry of National Security, during Polish PRL times. Tadeusz acquired most of his toys in not particularly legal way, he was basically using his position to appropriate the vehicles after the car registration law changes. In it's heyday his collection consisted of about 300 cars and 200 motorcycles. Polish collector until today surrounded by many rumors died (quite ironically) in 1989, after death his family completely abandoned the vehicles and left it to rot as they were, unsecured, most of them standing outside on bare ground behind a basic fence.

I'm not a big car fan, but from what i read online, you can find here models like: Porsche, Buick, Matra, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, also few discontinued Polish cars i.e. Warsaw or Syrena.

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