Roger Ballen

Photographer standing behind Die Antwoords - I Fink U Freeky video and this is how i found out about him..

Born in New York, living in Johannesburg, he is focusing on documenting small dorps and villages of rural South Africa. I strongly recommend watching small series of him talking about his photography, he pays attention to so much detail! You can find it here.

One of his quotes from the lecture: "Real is probably the most difficult word we deal with."

There's a lot of human / animal correlations and references in his work which i really like.

That's probably his most famous photography:

Dresie and Casie, Twins 1993

Tommy, Samson and a Mask, 2000

Portrait of a Sleeping Girl, 2000

Eugene on the Phone, 2000

Sickroom, 2000

Scavenging, 2004

Puppy Between Feet, 1999