Westmount College

The present main building on the site, is the original Mount Ellis, the brick four-storied mansion of Joseph Ellis refered to earlier and which R.I.Cohen opened in 1865.

Despite the fact that its grandure is a little decayed, it would have been a substantial and imposing house in its day, befitting a wealthy businessman. The foundation stone that R.I.Cohen helped to lay, can still be found in an outer buttress wall on the right hand side of the property, near to the frontage. It is below the immediate ground level as part of the lower ground floor. The inscription is much eroded but one can just make out 'LAID [BY] J J ELLIS...' but the rest is almost perished. It seems that after Ellis' death the building reverted back to educational use. By 1898 'Mount Ellis' had become 'Westmount' and was the junior branch of Dover College. [jtrails.org.uk]. 

Until the fire in 2007 it's been used by Kent County Council as Adult Education Centre.

Really pleasant and fairly easy explore.

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