Warsaw Photochemical Works FOTON

In 1936 brothers Franaszek began building factory producing photographic paper and negative films. At the outbreak of World War II they did not stop the production, only changed the range - the clandestine activities of papers, produced here for the intelligence and sabotage Army. Printed and duplicated anti-Nazi materials. On the 5th of August 1944, SS troops invaded the factory, brutally murdered the staff and seeking refuge in here residents of Warsaw's Wola, the owner and his family were killed also. During the Warsaw Uprising, majority of the factory buildings were destroyed. 

After the war, factory was nationalized and given the name of Warsaw Photochemical Works FOTON [Warszawskie Zakłady Fotochemiczne FOTON]. Factory produced film and photographic chemicals, including most of the membranes and reagents for medical radiology. By 1990 Foton was practically the only supplier of medical X-ray film, for the Polish health care. After the political changes in Poland in the 90s factory started to limit it's production until the final collapse in 2000, since then it remains abandoned.

Really cool explore with lots of interesting items and equipment lying around.

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