Summerlands Lodge

When arrived at the site the fence was wide open, but decided to wait for few people to catch their busses, as it's located right next to the bus stop, it was a good decision. After about two minutes three persons came out, guy dressed in a hi vis jacket and a couple looking like the owners, or people who want to acquire the site (currently for sale).

After they left i made my way inside and spend good twenty minutes looking for a way to enter the building, as they made rather good job on sealing it, and eventually find one. 

Fire that happened in may didn't affect the site much (and certainly not the front building), so it remains pretty much the same with all its dump and moldy corners 

history: Summerlands Lodge was built in 1906 as a preparatory school called Doone House. The school was closed in the early part of the Second World War and the property requisitioned by the military as an officer's mess for nearby Manston airfield. In 1946 it became the headquarters of the British Legion Homes, Maurice House. The home moved to new premises in nearby Broadstairs, the building became the head office for a construction company and then, in the mid-1980's a BUPA nursing home. Site closure was 2006 although paperwork can be found on the premises dated after this time.

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