Nuclear Command Centre

visited with: r2s

The way to this complex is really pleasant as you have to enter the National Park's territory and simply follow the trail... well until the trail is over  Then you have to find your own way through the forest, you can try asking someone but believe me, there's not many people to ask.. we got lucky met two helpful tourists on the way, and that was enough.

history and info: Nuclear Command Centre [Atomowa Kwatera Dowodzenia] is an abandoned military unit, located in National Park (Kampinoski Park Narodowy) near Warsaw. Unit was to serve as a command post in the event of nuclear war. Construction began in the 1960s and the work was carried out until the 1980s. During the construction, gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski and marshal Wiktor Kulikow supposedly inspected the facility. 

Outpost had three main buildings: three-storey underground command bunker, barracks and underground-bunker hall. First one was resistant to nuclear attack, had it's own tactical room, water pumps, workshops etc. Buildings were connected via system of underground corridors.

In 2004 almost completely equipped facility has been given under National Park's supervision. Hence the lack of security buildings has been gradually stripped down and destroyed by thieves.

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