HPR Resort Kozubnik

visited with: Szk, Luks, r2s and Adam, as a part of sesyjni mordercy crew.

History: The construction of the resort started in 1968, within 2 years most of the work has been done. The site was a part of Hutnicze Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe (HPR) in Katowice, Poland, which employed 18,000 workers. It was located in Porąbka, Beskid Mały in the area of 7.5 ha. It was a self-contained resort, had their own water intake, sewage and emergency power system powered by two 400 kw. tank engines. The resort hired a permanent medical personnel: a physician internist, a dentist, rehabilitation specialist, nurse, thus ensuring full medical protection. The guests wasn't ordinary working class members but communist dignitaries i.e. son of Leonid Brezniew, or so called 'visitors from the capitalist countries'. Glory times ended with the collapse of communism. In 1996 court has declared bankruptcy of it's owners, since then once powerful, high-standard resort is the image of misery and despair.

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