Horror Labs

Unfortunately we spent here only about 15 minutes before getting raid of armed police force.. Had to drop our tripods, get on our knees and things like this, very unpleasant indeed. Return visit is necessary..

history: The former school or Veterinary exists from 19 buildings. All spread concerning a surface of 4 ha. Each building rests on impressive cellars, mutually linked by galleries with passages. All facades of the buildings are build in a Flemish neorenaissance style, seperated by gardens and surrounded with a impressive fence. The construction project lasted from 1903 up to 1909 and the site had been inaugurated in 1910. The school of veterinary surgeons took the complex in use as from 1969 up to 1990. During the summer the veterinairy school relocated to establish itselve in Liege, where as of now the lessons take place.

game over, picture by Keïteï:

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