Hellingly Asylum

Now sadly demolished and/or converted place, few years ago a landmark for Asylum explorers, i managed to get there for it's last breath, sadly haven't seen the hall as the place was crawling with workers (two of which actually let us in :)

In 2009 The Prodigy shot their last  single to the album Invaders Must Die, called Take Me To The Hospital in here.

visited with: Vad.

history: Hospital first opened in 1903 and got closed in 1994. Asylum, also known as East Sussex County Asylum or just Hellingly, was opened in 1903. Its architect was GT Hine, one of the great asylum architects of the era. The hospital boasted its own railway line, the Hellingly Hospital Railway, used principally for transport of coal. This branch line led from the main line to the boilerhouse. The hospital also had a vast laundry, ball room, patients' shop, sewing rooms, nurses home, extensive grounds, and an advanced utilities network for its time, including a large boilerhouse and a water tower. It followed the compact arrow plan for the main hospital, with separate villas surrounding this. The majority of the hospital closed throughout 1994, however, and to this day much of the 25.4 hectare site stands derelict.


  1. Simano! Amazing blog, great photos of great places! Could you please tell me if visiting this place now is possible/safe?

    1. Hi Jan, unfortunately this place has been demolished/converted to flats by now.. there's still few more you can visit in UK though. Regards.