Gasworks and Ursus Factory

Fast trip to the Polish capital to meet r2s and do some exploring.


Two red brick rotundas has been built in the years 1886-1888. They served as reservoirs of gas produced in the Warsaw Gasworks. It housed metal gas tanks, but they were destroyed in the 70s. They used to fit one thousand cubic meters of gas. During the war, artillery shell hit the tanks, but without explosion, gas lit to form huge flame. After the destruction in 1939, Gasworks was rebuilt and opened in 1945. Gas production terminated in 1978. From that moment the tanks stay empty.

Fast but well worth the hassle explore, ancient Rome revisited.

Ursus Factory

Factory producing tractors, built between 1924-1928, in Czechowice (now a district of Ursus). In the 70s Ursus employed 30 000 people and plants produced 50 000 tractors per year. The plant began to decline in the late 90s.

Unfortunately not much left from the former glory (even exploration wise) most of the items are gone, so we have been faced with stripped bare massive vandalized halls and homeless using it as their temporary accommodation, there are few more still sealed buildings and a big chunk is being demolished.

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