Eastry Asylum

Visited solo at some point in 2011.

Had just one and a half hour to do it, but it was just about right (without going to the basement though). Place is trashed and not many features left, but still it was worth a visit, especially as it's close to where i live.

history: Eastry Hospital started off life in 1835-6 as a poor mans workhouse. It quickly grew insize over subsequent years with more accomodation blocks being errected up until the 1870′s The layout was a traditional design, with the buildings being errected around a large courtyard. A chapel was built close to the road on one side of the workhouse. The workhouse eventually became Eastry Hospital, which was a centre that specialised in the care of people with learning difficulties. It finally closed in the late 1990′s. [curiousplaces.co.uk]

Apparently it's being demolished but it must be very slow process as i've seen reports from around 2008 and it looked almost exactly the same.

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