Cotton Mill Elanex

One of the best abandoned places in Częstochowa at the moment.

Visited on few occasions with sesyjni mordercy crew, goblinz strikes back.

Factory was functioning from 1889 to 2002. Elanex is one of those industrial complexes, which in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century shaped the face of the textile Częstochowa. Land was purchased in 1889, and factory was established in the same year under the name of Motte, Meillassoux and Caulliez. The brick and stone architecture contains Neo-Gothic style, designed by Edward Lilpop well known in Łódź and Warsaw, the architect of many buildings, mainly banks. In 1926, "Motty" changed its name to Union Textile. After the war the factory was called the Wool Industry Plant Częstochowa (imienia Koszutskiej), and finally Elanex. It has been closed in October 2002.

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