Cement Plant Grodziec

Visited with sesyjni mordecy last year. Really beautiful building.

Opened in 1857 it was the first cement plant in the Polish Kingdom, and fifth in the world. Factory was producing portland cement. Jan Ciechanowski was it's original owner, and the first director was eng. Emil Konarzewski, who ran it for 20 years. Stanislaw Ciechanowski, son of Jan, leased and eventually in 1925 sold the plant to the Belgian conglomerate Solvay Cement. The Solvay plant expansion ran until 1939. Cement produced at this plant was used i.e. to fortify Silesia before the war (Obszar Warowny Śląsk). On 31 July 1979 after exploiting coal deposit from underneath the building (which caused damage to the structure), plant has been closed.

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