Babies Castle

Visited solo just after Lillesden School, and must say that the difference was stunning.. place is in extremely bad condition, looks good from the outside though, and there are few interesting bits in the sheds next to it...

Shame, as the place got some interesting history:

In 1886, the largest Barnardo's home for orphans under six years old was built in Hawkhurst, and looked after hundreds of babies. It was known as Babies' Castle, and was opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Mary of Teck (who later became Queen Mary, wife of King George V). The nine inspiring principles, known as 'The Nine Nos' of the Babies Castle, were:

1. No destitute child refused
2. No Race Barrier
3. No Creed Clause
4. No Physical Disability
5. No Age Limit
6. No Money Promise
7. No Voting
8. No Waiting
9. No Red Tape

Got closed in 1965, then reopened as Hawkurst Castle and remain open until 1990s.

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