Abandoned Prison

After hearing Andrew Kzirian's (from the band Viza) track - Illumination it really reflected for me atmosphere of the recently visited abandoned prison, so i made this little video to illustrate it.

Pictures and some more info about the place can be found here.

Road Trip - Belgium '12

Lots of fantastic sites seen on this rather spontaneous trip [erm, primarily a trip to Wales, heh].

all places visited with: Day Of The Dead, Keïteï and Subversive.

Day 1

So we are queuing for the ferry down to France, and who can we see queuing next to us?! Sx-riffraff and his crew! heh, we did Belgium Road Trip together last year.. that's completely unscheduled meet up, i love random encounters, bizarre, random meetings :)

Crachoir Swimming Pool

After a fail in an abandoned house (which wasn't quite abandoned and we opened the door to meet a very angry lady and her dog, lol) we headed for this swimming pool. Build in 1915, with lot's of eye catching details.

Cite du Dragon

Stop number two, an abandoned Chinese restaurant, unfortunately smashed to bits.

Chambre du Commerce

Famous CDC, there's some work going on here atm, floor has been all stripped down, and there's lot's of random junk lying around, hopefully it will make it look better in the future.. We stayed here over night.

Day 2

Salve Mater

Very interesting site, partially occupied by the artists, which charge 20 Euro per head to shoot inside, ehh. Fortunately we managed to capture three of the buildings before getting noticed and caught, so brace yourselves.. even-though the guy has been very polite.

Hoff van B.

It's all about stairs in this place, normally you wouldn't even stop, while passing next to this smashed to bits office building.. but quoting Oldskool after visiting here: "Never judge the book by it's cover", yup.

Horror Labs

Unfortunately we spent here only about 15 minutes before getting raid of armed police force.. Had to drop our tripods, get on our knees and things like this, very unpleasant indeed. Return visit is necessary..

St Hilarius

We had a little wait here to allow builders leave the site so we can enter. It's partially abandoned and very easy to meet someone you not necessarily want to inside.. We had a good luck and in few hours we could properly document the site.

Forges de Clabeq

Last place we managed to do before it got dark, plenty of rusting steel and some nice views.

Day 3

IM Powerstation

After rather eventful night involving police, security and the lack of place to sleep as it was too dark to find one, we woke up to explore this impressive power station and it's cooling tower.

Cooling Tower

Home Sweet Home

Last surprisingly good stop of the trip, plenty of chairs and beds, heh. An abandoned care home and hospital.

Slovakia Prison

Primarily built in Middle Ages then rebuilt after the partitions of Poland in the XVIII and XIX century. Formerly housed the church and Dominican monastery. In 1981 on the imposition of the martial law in Poland, some high rank Solidarity members has been imprisoned here.

Very interesting object and a part-time museum at the moment, lots of artists left it's print on the walls (which sometimes looks like a real prisoners art) it adds to the atmosphere, apparently there's still some genuine graffiti in the dining room but we didn't have enough time to inspect it.

Road Trip - Kujawy

A little preview of a trip to Inowrocław, where around fifteen Polish explorers met and did a little off-road-urbex gathering. Great times and big shout to everyone involved.

attendance list: our host Krawiec (Neurotransmiter), Wilga (No Trespassing), Szydłak Szk, Kwolas (Life is Illusion), Płomień (urbex.net.pl), Rocko De La'Maga, Culmar Di Curt, Travis Humantree, EdEk, Showtek and Liściu +1.

Day 1

Institut of Plant Genetics

Quite interesting place with few greenhouses and utility buildings.

Boarding School

Fantastic place with lots of vivid colours somehow reminded me of a well known abandoned school in UK.

Then after another few hours of driving we finally arrived to Inowrocław to meet Krawiec and the rest of our team :) Decision has been made to organize a party and a sleep over on top of the roof.. heh.

Day 2

Waking up after a busy night..

And off to the first location:


Main feature of this place was a very interestingly shaped furnace and lots of unusual warning signs i.e. "Drinking alcohol on premises is prohibited."

Bem's VI Artillery Unit

Second stop, we explored three kind of buildings here: barracks, office/training and depots.

we took crew shot here as well:

Fort XI Toruń

After getting supplies for the night we went to our second sleeping destination, WWII bunker taken over by Bunkerites of Poland who allowed us to use this facility, it has been a part of a large military complex called Fort XI.

Fort itself had some interesting WWII prisoners graffiti:

Day 3

After slight adjustments in our crew, and a fail at some industrial site we headed towards this factory.


With almost complete machinery and equipment left behind. I really liked the old gas distributor located just outside the complex.

Wapno Salt Mine

Next stop was this amazing abandoned salt mine located in Wapno, closed after mining disaster in 1977 - the mine was flooded by groundwater. In April 2007, thirty years since the disaster another subsequent collapse of the land occured in this area.

Gothic Church

Almost last stop of this day, evangelical church from the late XIXth century, sadly stripped down and without many features, on the other hand it had very nice carer with a german shepherd we called Stalker.


We arrived here for the sunset, not much left inside as it has been abandoned for quite a while, still with a good light it looked quite nice.

Day 4

Did not plan to stay over, but eventually since it got quite late we decided to head back home early next day and possibly do few more things on the way.

Abandoned House

A house we have spotted on the way.

Slovakia Prison

Last stop of the whole trip turned out to be an abandoned prison. Primarily built in Middle Ages then rebuilt after the partitions of Poland in the XVIII and XIX century. Formerly housed the church and Dominican monastery.