Ironworks Jedność and Cement Plant Szczakowa

Both locations visited over the August weekend with sesyjni mordercy crew, namely: r2s, Luks and Moc.

Ironworks Jedność

Its origins date back to 1836, when Hugo Henckel von Donnersmarck and brothers Oppenfeld decided to build the plant. Same year the foundation stone for the construction of the steel plant has been laid. Place has been named Laurahütte. This name functioned until 1948, when it changed its name to Ironworks Unity [Huta Jedność]. When in 1842 a cargo ship sank with the English rails for the construction of tracks from Mysłowice to Wrocław, Silesian Railway company ordered new rails in unknown at the time mill Laura. It's quality made the company famous in Europe and a number of early European railways built in that period ordered it's rails and rail accessories here. At the beginning of the XXI century black page in the history of the Silesia engraved unfulfilled promises by Prime Minister and government to support the Ironworks, leading to manifestations of employees, massive layoffs and eventual bankruptcy.

Plenty of metal thieves met here taking what little left of the place, a sad sight.. on the other hand security seemed to be unmoved by their presence, but we have been ordered to go out and had a pikey farewell committee on our back.

Cement Plant Szczakowa

Plant has been built in 1883, was the third of its kind in Poland. Szczakowa produced very good quality cement exported to Asia, South America, and European countries. Plant contributed heavily to the development of the area, a school and residential staff has been built around it and they are still inhabited. In the mid-70's production began to decline, outdated technology, and the impact on the environment, contributed to the cessation of production. In 1980, Szczakowa has been closed.

Very scenic place, resembles another Cement Plant - Grodziec located not too far away, everything of value has been taken long time ago so we met only a friendly bunch of paintball players on site.

Lubliniec Psychiatric Hospital

This partially abandoned hospital has been erected in 1894 and used to be a part of correctional facility called Department for Dummies [Zakład dla Idiotów]. From 1904 it became a separate unit. It dealt with the treatment of mental and neurological illnesses and substance abuse, particularly alcohol.

Visited with r2s. Very interesting and quite chilled explore, lot's of flaky paint and vivid colours.