Shoreham Cement Works

It turned out to be pretty pleasant and eventful mooch, firstly we got spotted by the security guard, so had to go back, and look for an alternative access point, which lead us all around the quarry.. rather long walk, but the weather was enjoyable, proof, a rurex crew shot :)

Eventually we approached the factory from the side the guard couldn't see us and entered the site.

history: The present buildings were erected in 1949 with production ceasing in 1991. The quarry actually dates back to 1851 and cement was manufactured on the site since at least 1898. A tunnel under the road separates the distribution plant and administrative blocks (west) and the industrial site and chalk quarry (east). Clay was obtained from pits a short distance up the River Adur and coal was brought in by rail. The cement was fired in two enormous 350ft kilns. The works is considered a fine example of the technology of the post war period and is still largely intact.

Finally, my go at Katie's Tomb Raider series, it was all her idea i only took a quick snap, heh.

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  1. I liked shoreham - one big massive derp - glad it was worth the trek :)