Potters Manor and Lillesden School

Two very well known urban exploration sites and the two, which got hit hard by the raising popularity of UE.. since the location of both sites was relatively easy to track on internet, this places has been visited by all sorts of people, effect being: smashed windows, floors and doors ripped apart or burned, mindless graffiti on the walls, everything of any value taken away or destroyed.. Since then many explorers started an argument if exact locations of the places should be shared online, and if so, should this be done on public parts of the forums..

I wasn't trying to document damage which occurred over the last year or so, but still tried to find the nice features, for a bit of comparison you can have a look at my Lillesden School report from 15 months ago as there are some almost exact shots on both, heh. Regards. 2wid.

Potters Manor

Potters Manor House was built in 1904. The last inhabitants were a family of artisans and potters and for some reason, that we will probably never know, left the house with all its contents including many paintings and full wardrobes of clothes - since then it all got smashed or stolen..

Lillesden School for Girls

The school occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate in 1855 by the banker Edward Loyd, who moved there after marrying. The house and estate remained in the family until just after the First World War, when it was then sold and eventually became the Bedgebury Girls Public School. The school closed around 1999 and has been abandoned ever since.

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