One thing i can say for sure is that one week in Nepal is close to nothing. To take a trek up Everest base camp, you need about three weeks i had two weeks in total including Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in North India - so this is where my calculations went wrong :)

Never mind, Kathmandu was a must, swarming with backpackers and scammers wasn't as pleasant and laid back as i expected, but still well worth a 12 hour drive on the rocky hole filled road (my backpack somehow failed, and got damaged on the way) from the Indian boarder. Second stop turned out to be Chitwan National Park, spend with a Middle East couple promising to have special accommodation, and it was! After leaving the tourist areas on a tiny horse carriage, we went through a series of villages and eventually stopped in one of them: Darampur. Greeted by Zumbaba, a local teacher, philosopher, businessmen, tour guide and above it all a keen pot-smoker :) That's how we spent a pleasant few days, walking among tigers and rhinos armed only with bamboo sticks and smoking on every stop, bathing in the river, eating whatever Sonny, Zumbaba's son prepared us in the morning and watching fire-flies in the evening.. Soon enough it was time to tap back into backpackers aorta. Namely bumpy roads, ancient buses and a nasty scam on the Nepalese border, pure fun :)


Chitwan National Park

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