Bellerbys College

After rather funny encounter starring Tarick and his mates at the nearby location, we decided to go here.

visited with: Keïteï, Subversive, Medwayboy and Me.Two

history: Prior to Bellerby's taking over this school in about 1995 it was known as Mayfield College. Mayfield was founded by the Duchess of Leeds as an Orphanage. In 1868 a Roman Catholic Order of Religous Brothers, known as the Xaverians Brothers, moved from Hastings to run Mayfield College as an independent boys boarding school. The school continued to flourish under the direction of the Brothers until 1977 when, due to a shortage of vocations into the Brothers, the school was taken over by the Mayfield College Educational Trust. It retained strong links with the Brothers several of whom still lived and taught at the College. However in about 1995 the Trust felt unable to continue the administration of the school and it was sold to Bellerby's of Wadhurst, they changed the name of the school to Bellerby College, Mayfield. The college closed in approx 2004.

Place doesn't seem to change much over time, it's  in me gusta state of decay, unfortunately security guard and his dog didn't let us visit for too long.

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