Road Trip - Germany

All inclusive type of urbex trip.

Locations visited with: Life is Illusion, Płomień and Rocko.

We managed to see nine places, mainly in Saxony and around Berlin.

Pilot School
First stop and place we stayed over for night, huge post-soviet complex.

Military Hospital
This was what i believe a part of the complex, located few kilometers away from the first location, unfortunately metal thieves are doing their job and all the lamps above the beds are gone..

Beelitz Heilstätten
Whole second day we spent exploring Beelitz and it's goodies, managed to do about 80% and run out of time and luck..

Kaserne Krampnitz
After quite unfortunate night, where we ended up sleeping under an open sky being eaten by mosquitoes, heh.. we made our way to see the infamous black bird.

Piano Sanatorium
Later on the same day we went to see this little gem, got kicked out by a random worker and finished exploring an hour later.

Olympic Village
Only a short stop here, without finding many features apart of a stone tiger.

TBC Sanatorium
This place has been recently taken over by a bunch of great Berliners who are planning to restore it an transform into a summer school. To make a long story short, Bernhard who is taking care of the location allowed us to stay here overnight and take pictures for a small donation to the project. Awesome place with loads of decent street art and a lake! heh.

urbex hotel:

Teupitz Asylum
Last stop of our trip, as i dropped the camera and damaged the focusing system only few pictures from here worth publishing.

the last supper:

Great times, thank you to all involved, hope there will be more to come.