Road Trip - Birmingham

Title should be really 'around Birmingham' as we didn't make any locations inside the city, we visited eight of them. Big thanks to Happyshopper for the guided tour and a place to stay over night, Subversive for driving and Keïteï for joining in :)

stop number 1, St Johns Asylum.
Some unforgettable corridors and stairs in here.

stop number 2, Sleaford Bass Maltings.
Designed specifically to facilitate three key stages in the production of beer, the Sleaford Bass Maltings represent both a practical and architecturally pleasing group of buildings. We have seen this location mostly from above as the buildings are sealed and/or empty.

stop number 3, RAF Stanigot.
It was a World War II radar station situated at Stenigot, Lincolnshire. It was part of the Chain Home radar network, intended to provide long range early warning for raids from Luftflotte V and the northern elements of Luftflotte II along the approaches to Sheffield and Nottingham and the central midlands.

stop number 4/5, St Gerards Hospital, St Edwards Home for Boys.
Joint visit as the two places are just next to each other, we found this chair in the hospital, yeah! St Edward’s Home for Boys was built in 1904 by a Catholic priest – Father Hudson. It was basically just that – a home for boys – usually given up by their poor parents.

stop number 6, Lallians Flour Mill.
Very trashed, only i bothered to take out the camera and make few pictures so the others have wait for me :) Biggest attraction atm is probably the staircase and 28dl member tags on the door.

stop number 7, Hoarder's Carpark.
It didn't disappoint, only thing i can moan about is that cars are so crammed together and it's difficult to take a decent angle.. oh well.

stop number 8, Malvern Care Home.
Last on the trip and wasn't even planned, but since we failed to get into two different locations and had some spare time, this one popped in, great choice for the end of long weekend, very cozy and in great state.

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