Jameah Islamiyah School

This is what's happening when you cannot find the place, going to the pub and asking locals where it might be.. then realizing on arrival (or slightly later on) that it is a completely different place.

visited with: Keïteï and Subversive Photography.

history: built in 19th century grade ii listed building, consisting of 3 main parts: former orphanage, later girls school; a chapel and the convent accommodation. Some recent affairs lead to it's closure few years ago.

This is certainly on top of my weirdest explores to date, with the strange builders, squatters and items found on site.

Wann das Kind Kind War

Since coming back from Pripyat i found it hard to explore anything. Chernobyl and it's surroundings imprinted some strange emotions on me and posting only the pictures was simply not enough to show what i am really thinking about this place. Just before Christmas i decided to make a slideshow, similar to the one where i portrayed Lillesden School, but go a bit further this time, move the images a little bit and (perhaps) try to tell a story.

Browsing the internet for the right soundscape begun, and it didn't take me long to find myself on soundcloud, few ambient tracks later i found it. Perfect mood, with a voice-over telling about how it was to be a child, i didn't think long and contacted David, or if you like The Oxford Ambient Collective, and the mysterious voice, Sabine or rain_and _sun. Both of them gave me a positive reply within few hours, and so our cooperation begun.

Few weeks passed and here it is, inspired by the Wim Wender's Wings of Desire in the first place, with the poem by Peter Handke called Song of Childhood. I watched the movie while working on the project and must admit that we altered the piece quite a bit, and gave it almost completely different direction.. And that's great.

Once again big thank you to both Sabine and David, i hope there will be more things like this to come.