Shoreditch Streetart

A bit of a break from urbex, and something i wanted to do for quite a while. Kids and banners are doing their job going over ROA's pieces, shame..

1 - Malarky 2 - ROA 3 - Pablo Delgado 4 - ROA, Malarky 5 - Unknown 6 - Malarky 7 - Pidgeons

Under Dover II

Dover has definitely a lot to offer, this time we managed to visit three locations, but because my light-painting skills are still not sufficient i will only post few pictures.. return visit is near.

Grand Shaft
This historical monument was used to get soldiers from the top to the bottom of the White Cliffs of Dover during a crisis.Therefore, a set of three intertwined spiral staircases were built for easy access.

St. Martins Deep Shelter
St Martins Battery was constructed in the 1870's and was updated at the beginning of the Second World War, part of this included extending the already present Battery Magazine into a deep underground shelter, It has suffered smoke damage and several collapses. First shelter i ever been to, shame that not much left inside.

This one was taken just outside the shelter, on the previous trip:

More locations in Dover to come.