Reisin Distillery

It was small but quite pleasant explore, one evening during my holiday in Poland, me and three mates from sesyjni mordercy crew - Lu, r2s and Moc went to visit this very close to our city location. You could still smell rum-like rosin aroma inside the buildings, which was quite nice.

Opened in 1931 Distilery used to export turpentine, rosin and ingredients for the manufacture of paints to 50 different countries. Got privatised in the mid 90's which started its slow downfall and closure.

Road Trip - Belgium '11

Thanks to Keïteï and Subversive Photography i had one of the best weekends in my life. Urban Exploration trip we took turned out to be a 4 x success, we had no problems with security or getting into the objects whatsoever. We have done following locations:

all sites visited with: Keïteï, Sx-riffraff and Subversive.

ECVB Power Plant

The roots of the power station ECVB goes back to 1913. The power station was the basis of industrialisation for the channelzone for the channel from Ghent to Terneuzen. The power plant ceased operation, in the end of the '90.

Les Soeurs De Dieu Monastery

The chapel was build in 1910 and designed by architect Billmeyer. In 1999 the city decided the chapel could be demolished, the ground was given to the catholic school next to the monastery.

Château De Noisy (Miranda)

During the French Revolution, the family of the Count of Liedekerke-Beaufort left the feudal castle Château de Veves and lived at a nearby farm. After the Revolution, this opulent residence was built as a summer home for the family in 1866 by the English architect Milner. The Château de Mirinda, as it was called then, was owned and used by the family except when it was briefly occupied by the Nazis in World War II. In 1958, it was used by the SNCB (a Belgian national rail company) as a home for the railwaymen's children and became Château de Noisy. It was abandoned in 1991 and has been falling into ruins.


[object now completely demolished, dec. 2012]

This amusement park began as a large playground in the center of a town called Dadizele, where it grew to become the first private amusement park in Belgium in October 1949 by the efforts of the diocese of West-Vlaanderen. The park had welcomed over one million visitors during its peak year of operation. It changed hands in the 1980s, and was run by local retailers. In 2002, a boy lost his arm while riding "The Nautic Jet," a once popular attraction at Dadipark. The maintenance costs became too high to run the park, and it was originally closed for only one season in 2003, but never reopened.

Bessingham Manor

It's just one of those places...

Built in 1870 for the Spurrel family, who had farming connections in Suffolk going back over 500 years, the house originally had 52-acres but this has been reduced to a more manageable five. The house remained in the Spurrell familly until the last member died in 1952. It has been abandoned ever since.