Severalls Asylum

Severalls was for me exploring in the correct sense of that word. To make the boring bit short i only had a rough idea about how to get in as decided to go there in last minute and didn't have much time to contact anyone [recived the info afterwards though, lol] so the improvisation level was very high... To say the least i had to jump over (way to) many fences and eventually had a meet up with the razor wire, unfortunately it was on the way in, but decided to stay since i had a long journey to get there..

Approached the hospital from the northern side and had a good walk around there (first pic.) then discovered that it is not where i should be, so made my way to the correct part of it, security was doing their rounds, so it took me a while to finally get inside, after that everything went quite smooth (apart of facing another lot of fences on the way out)

Severalls was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 which first opened in May 1913 and housed some 2000 patients. Unlike modern British hospitals, patients in Severalls were separated according to their gender. The architect of the asylum was Frank Whitmore. Most of the buildings are in the Queen Anne style, with few architectural embellishments, typical to the Edwardian Period. It closed as a psychiatric hospital in the early 1990s following the closure of other psychiatric institutions.

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