The Dreadnoughts Concert

Found out about these guys recently, and so it happened that they just came back together after a hiatus, and been playing in Camden Town, London upcoming weekend. It didn't take long to make a decision to go and watch them. They've been really fun and energetic, drummer called by the vocalist Stupid Swedish Bastard has been selling t-shirts and playing in one of the supporting bands, we had a chat and I didn't realize who he was until the last moment. Guy playing mandolin had hilarious logorrhea in the middle of 3rd video, which made everyone laugh. Only downside was that they didn't perform any of their great shanties, can't have it all I suppose.

Turbo Island

Roll the Woodpile Down (feat. Stupid Swedish Bastard beer journey)

Sleep is for the Weak / I'm Two Ciders Ago (Polish logorrhea at 4:25)

Thanks for watching and stay sober.